About Us

Advelsoft (M) Sdn Bhd commenced operation on 16th January 1991 with the original concept of providing customized commercial packages such as Accounting Systems, Payroll Management Systems and turnkey software project management to small and medium  size companies in trading and manufacturing sectors.
Over the past years, Advelsoft focus on small and medium size companies and also focus on some vertical market software solution such as Golf Course Management, Property Management, Property Sales Management, Consignment, Retail Management and Manufacturing.  Our services are also expanded to include consultancy, networking services, hardware and software solution on turnkey projects.
In order to have a stronghold in this competitive computerize market; we have improved our quality of backed-up services to our customers. We have invested tremendous funds in research and development program and as a software specialist in the commercial industries.  Since then we have experiences consistent growth over this period and are recognized as a leading software designer in Property Management softwares.

Our Mission

Provides comprehensive end-to-end Property Management System to simplify and facilitate the routine property management functions, assuring property owners that all property units are managed Uniformly and Effectively.

Why Advelsoft PMS

  20 years experience in providing property management solutions
  6 major revisions
  Experienced and timely technical support
  Instant and immediate management and financial reporting request
  A complete long-term computerized property management solutions
  Meets JMB/MC requirements
  No annual renewal and subscription fees

Company Profile
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