How Do You Choose A Property Management Company?

There are a lot of property management companies to pick in the industry, but how do you identify which is the best to pick so that your property is well maintained and produces a healthy ROI?

Here is our guideline:

1. Good Track Record

“Success leaves clues”, a well-managed property management company will have a track record of properties it’s managed well, and you will be able to audit their list.

2. Reviews

Get in touch with the residents and owners of the properties of the property management company you’re considering to share their experience with the company to do your due diligence.

3. Organised

How well organised are they? Do they have systems in place to have proper documented standard operating procedures? Managing a property has plenty of moving parts. So it’s essential that things are well organised to not miss out on anything important.

4. Timely Reporting

Do they have a reporting schedule? Reports are essential to keep track of what’s going on in your property and how it is performing. So it’s essential they have proper reporting and delivery of the reports.

5. Tech-Savvy

Does the property management company leverage off technology or do they just work manually? This is a key indicator of efficiency. Good property management companies use property management softwares like Advelsoft to maintain a cohesive operation.

So keep these in mind before picking your next property management company. Your investment is worth the due diligence.

Published : 22-Dec-2020

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